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Save time and labor

Prefabrication drawings are created by our team of Auto-Cad experts and experienced general foremans who work closely with framers and other subcontractors to design each individual system for fabrication prior to start of framing. The assembly-line within our warehouse is monitored by our quality controllers on daily basis to prevent cost over-runs and make sure savings are passed on to the client by minimizing labor costs at the jobsites. Reducing waste and congestion is the core philosophy behind pre-fabrication which translates into not only cost savings for the client but completion of the project on schedule.

Fabricated pipe delivery

Once we cut your pipe to your required specifications, we make it easy to get your order to your jobsite or your shop through our delivery and logistics capabilities. If you prefer to pick up your order on your truck, we can have it ready for you at one of our Pro Pick-Up locations. We customize our delivery methods to fit your needs. Even if your pipe order needs to be delivered to a high-rise building for a commercial construction project, we can pack, tag and mark each piece of pipe to have it staged for crane pickup. The combination of our pipe fabrication services and logistics abilities makes CCP your reliable source for the fabricated pipe you need to finish the job.

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